Heavenly Neighborhood

One thing about having been a military spouse, especially after two overseas tours, is that you have friends around the world and often are able to reconnect with them.

Today I spent the day with a friend we met in Japan, who is Scottish and from Edinburgh. She happened to be visiting family during school summer break. We met in the Meadows, a lovely park a 4 minute walk from our flat that had lots of playground equipment, tennis courts, a walking trail, a snack shop and plenty of green fields.

She invited us to walk to her mother’s house in the nearby Marchmont neighborhood. We set off with 3 somewhat willing children. Marchmont is picture perfect, more suburban than our neighborhood, and has gorgeous tree lined streets and front gardens.

Scenes from Marchmont

A stop at a local elementary school to use the playground was a fun break for the kids. Even the school and its grounds were beautiful. We did not know what the yarn crafts on the front gate were, maybe an end of year farewell?

Elementary school and grounds in Marchmont

A bit longer into our walk, all 3 children simultaneously broke down into fits of starvation so we stopped at a small grocery store to refuel and enjoy our snacks on a bench. Many of the intersections in Marchmont are surrounded by boutiques, charity shops and small restaurants.

Enjoying an Empire Biscuit and an adorable coffee hut in Marchmont, note the saying on the chalkboard!

Sam had an Empire Biscuit as his snack. An Empire Biscuit is 2 pieces of shortbread with jam in between coated with icing and topped with a cherry. My friend explained how her grandmother told them that they were originally called German biscuits but the name was changed during WWI to its more patriotic version. More tidbits about Empire Biscuits, including a recipe, can be found in this article from London Eats. If anyone makes any, let me know how they turned out.

One of the boutiques was calling my name so I just had to go in to ooooh and aaaah over its very bohemian merchandise.

Bohemia in Marchmont

It had a wonderful and eclectic selection of books.

Books at Bohemia in Marchmont

The children had a great time playing at my friend’s family home in Marchmont. I did ask if I could take one photo at the house because I just could not resist documenting this lovely summerhouse in the front yard, isn’t it awesome?

IMG_6245Summerhouse in Marchmont

Finally, no tour of Marchmont would be complete without talking about doors. I love them, doors, that is. I love how they not only make a first impression and provide a welcome, but they serve as examples of the personality of the occupants. This Houzz article speaks to this when it asks “What Does Your Front Door Say?” What do you think these doors in Marchmont are saying?

IMG_6243IMG_6244IMG_6282IMG_6259Beauties welcoming you in Marchmont

I hope you enjoyed this stroll through the Marchmont neighborhood as much as I did. I hope to find some others to explore.




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