Amalfi Coast Odyssey

On our second full day in Naples we set out to explore part of the Amalfi Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Our first coastal views were of Sorrento.



As we drive further, our guide points out several small islands off the coast made famous by Homer, home to mythical sirens, enchanting  mermaid creatures who lured sailors to shipwreck on their shores.


Sirenusas (siren), islands off Amalfi Coast

It’s all about the views. As the road winds, and winds…..and winds along the Coast, it offers wonderful opportunities for not only sea views, but for terraced towns.


Winding roads, Amalfi Coast

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Terraced views, Amalfi Coast

Praiano was our destination for lunch, but on the way we pulled off on one of the many road side stops for photographs, lemon granitas, fruit and spices.

Amalfi Coast

Before our lunch stop in Praiano, we passed over Positano. I had visited Positano by boat on a previous trip, but had not viewed it from above. The best way to visit and actually explore the town is by boat or else it is a long walk down steep stairs. The views from below and above both offer amazing visuals.

Positano viewed from a boat


Positano viewed from above

For obvious reasons, Positano has been featured in movies (remember Diane Lane’s romantic get away in “Under the Tuscan Sun”?) and has been home to celebrities including the most famous Neapolitan of all time, Sophia Loren.

Our lunch was at Tramonto D’Oro a hotel and restaurant with spectacular views and lovely furnishings.


Tramonto D’Oro, Praiano

Our final stop for the day was the town of Amalfi. We had just enough time to explore the immediate area around the square where the Duomo (cathedral) was located and the area near the water.



Duomo (cathedral) and several fountains in Amalfi

Shopping in Amalfi was for the most part typical of the area, ceramics, limoncello and pasta, but standouts were a beautiful handbag store and clothing store. One line of leather bags were hand painted.

Typical Amalfi shopping

Leather handbags, Amalfi

Antica Sartoria has the most beautiful cotton clothing.  They are based in Positano, with shops concentrated in the Amalfi area, but have boutiques in several other cities in Italy. Their web site conveys their boho hippie chic aesthetic. The site is worth a visit to see more of their jaw dropping designs and to visit their blog.

As you looked through the racks you thought you found your favorite piece and then you found another one that became your favorite, and then another one, and another. Most pieces were “one size” or one size fits most. I spoke with a woman, who was buying an adorable white denim little girl’s jacket with beading and applique work. She said this visit was her fourth to the shop since she had been in the area. I wish I would have had more time to go through their pieces, but our bus was waiting. maybe next time, Amalfi!


Antica Sartoria, Amalfi

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