Thriftin’ in Morningside

I have been wanting to talk about charity shops, or thrift stores, in Edinburgh. I am having a hard time narrowing down the scope of that project given the sheer volume of them so I have decided to do a series about them based on what neighborhood they are in since there so many neighborhoods with sooooo many charity shops.

Here is a sneak peek into that series. Today I took photos in shops in Morningside, one of my favorite neighborhoods in general, especially for charity shops.

I saw this Pringle coat in the British Red Cross charity shop. I know a lot of brands, but am just becoming familiar with UK ones and I feel in love with this coat. It is a rain coat, very good quality, super pretty and it was in perfect condition. Talk about a functional piece for rainy Edinburgh. No, I did not get it, even wearing just a tank top underneath, it was too snug, but oh my, it was lush! that’s one of my new words, thank you “Gavin & Stacey”. If you have not watched “Gavin & Stacy” it’s on Netflix. Anyway, apparently Pringle of Scotland is an iconic historic brand, founded in 1815, and best known for its cashmere. Oh, to find a Pringle cashmere piece in a charity shop, a girl can hope!

FYI, it’s harder to take a photo of yourself in a mirror than you would think.

Pringle raincoat
Even the label is preppy

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