Time to Put Your Feet Up

My charity shop find of the week……..this leather pouf. It cost 2.50 pounds ($3.30).

$3.30 pouf from a charity shop

It was not stuffed, so I did pay to have it stuffed, but still a great deal.

I have read quite a bit about what to stuff a pouf with. Traditionally in Morocco they used kapok, fluffy cotton fiber that comes from the kapok tree. In speaking with people at some shops about the pros and cons of materials, some say old clothing and towels are the best, but others say that option goes “flat” too easily. I definitely am not a fan of packing peanuts, polystyrene or foam rubber, too processed and not the natural feel I prefer. Another option of newspaper, plastic bags or other paper, while offering a great way to recycle, would not have the weight I think would be necessary.  I opted for an organic material, coconut fiber. This video shows the process.

Whatever stuff you use for stuffing, you can’t beat the result……..

Blogging on the pouf

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