Lassiwala! A Must Do in Jaipur, India

Is everyone familiar with a drink called a lassi? If not, a lassi is delicious tangy yogurt drink often found in Indian restaurants. It can be savory, or sweet, if fruit is added. It is the perfect accompaniment to spicy food. When the spice gets to you, take a sip of a cooling, creamy yogurt lassi! It is a very child friendly drink as well. My son’s favorite is a mango lassi.

When in Jaipur on a trip to India, we had to go to Lassiwala, a shop started in Jaipur in 1944. Other lassi places followed their lead, but as this article attests to, Lassiwala is the best!

Lassiwala, Jaipur
Lassiwala, Jaipur

What makes Lassiwala so special. First, the most visible cool thing about the lassi at Lassiwala are the kulhads or terracotta cups they are served in. When you are done with your lassi you throw the cups out in the trash, yep, in the trash. The cups are unglazed so the drink soaks into the cup and the flavor of the cup also gets into the drink, giving it an earthy flavor.

Kulhads (cups)
Cups in the trash

Second, the authenticity and simplicity of this lassi is what makes it so great, just curd and ice. Our guide told us that they sometimes have fruit such as mango to add to them with fruit that is in season. They did not have any fruit flavors when we were there and I really wanted to taste the most unadulterated version of the lassi. It was very tangy, thick and delicious. I was fascinated to see the thick cauldron of curdy drink.

This place is so worth a visit even if you have to go out of your way to get there. The only problem with Lassiwala is that is has spoiled me. Every time I have had a lassi in a restaurant after my Lassiwala experience, I realize how they do not even come close in comparison to what we enjoyed in Jaipur.

Lassiwala, amazing!!!!!

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