Bartending at Hogmanay, What Am I Crazy?

Hogmanay? sounds like a really good BBQ restaurant, right? Well no, it is what the Scots call the last day of the year. It is a big deal in Scotland and Edinburgh’s three day Hogmanay celebration attracts about 150,000 people. There are several street parties,  concerts and fireworks.

In what may have quite possibly been a moment of insanity, I applied to work as a bartender at Edinburgh’s Hogmanay celebration on December 31st. I got an interview and was hired. I will be serving drinks in a trailer in the epicenter of Hogmany on Princes Street. I am a bit nervous. First, I have never tended bar. I have been told there are no drinks to mix, just beer, cider, that type of thing, so lots of bottles to open. Hopefully I can handle that. Second, I am not very good at staying up late, I will be working from 2pm to 2am, possibly later. Third, I may be distracted by people watching and the fireworks display over Edinburgh Castle. But hey, I figure this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be an insider at a world famous event.

Wish me luck!

Featured image By sharedferret [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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