I Promise I will Try Haggis

In two days I will be on a plane bound for Edinburgh, Scotland. I will live there for one year with my husband and 5 year old son while my husband pursues a Master’s degree at the University of Edinburgh. We have been living out of suitcases and couch surfing with friends and family across the United States (a big thanks to all of them for not making us sleep in a rental car) for the last 5 months after my husband got out of the Navy.

To some, the prospect of moving overseas may seem daunting. For us, it has been our way of life for 5.5 years. During those moves, to Italy for 3 years and then Japan for 2.5 years, we had the support of the U.S. Navy who moved our household goods, our cat, Moosh, our car to Italy and got us our Visas. This time we are on our own!

So many times I thought I should start a blog. I love traveling and I love taking pictures. This blog will be about our new adventure in Scotland, about design, about food, about antiques, flea markets and junk yards (my fave!) and at times about past trips we have taken.

Let the next adventure begin!

PS, my husband’s only comment to this intro was “tell me about the food part again”.




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