Hasta la vista, burrito

So it has come to this, what seems like an overwhelming amount of stuff we are taking for one year in Scotland.


Getting on a plane tomorrow bound for Scotland has got me thinking of what I will miss. Granted we have only been in the U.S. for the past 5 months, prior to that, 2.5 years in Japan. But that’s long enough to miss what you just got reacquainted with.

Let’s start with what I will NOT miss, political ads (make them stop), needing a car to go anywhere (the train system in Japan is so awesome). Also, living out of a rental car and imposing on family and friends to share their guest rooms with 2 adults, a 4 year old and a cat.

So what WILL I miss….

  • TJ Maxx, of course. But at least they have TK Maxx in the UK, the international version of TJ Maxx, so at least I can get my fix.
  • Trader Joe’s, oh how I missed my pre-made salads, free samples, those vegan trail mix cookies and of course the severely addictive Trader’s Joe’s brand Cookie Butter, maybe Amazon sells it?? have to look into that


  • California avacados, yes, other countries have avacados, but the best, darkest, vine ripened AND cheap ones are in California, sorry Florida avacados, don’t these look good?


  • Also making the list, is the ability to get to almost any type of geographic destination/climate within one day, from beaches, to vineyards, to mountains




  • but, here it is, the #1 thing I will miss…..Mexican food. Whatever variety is your pleasure, taqueria-style, traditional style or my favorite Baja-style or Fresh Mex, you just do not find it as good (for the most part) outside of California. Living in Italy and Japan we usually made our own as long as the Navy Commissary had cilantro in stock. Needless to say, I have had Mexican food frequently during our last week here, some homemade and some at restaurants. Readers, feel free to recommend any good Mexican food in Edinburgh. Here are some yummy photos! My next post will be coming to you from Scotland, adios!

KanaloaSBfish tacos from Kanaloa Seafood in Santa Barbara

IMG_6392La Super-Rica Taqueria in Santa Barbara

IMG_5998more fish tacos, Tortilleria La Reyna, Lompoc

tortillas at home


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