To the Links

There is a huge park about a 4 minute walk from our flat called the Meadows. It has everything, playgrounds, tennis courts, bike and pedestrian paths, lots of green space, such a great treat in the city. It is so large that I think it actually connects to or turns into another park and extends into a whole other section of the city, not sure, but anyway, at one end of the park I noticed that there is a golf course. Yep, a real golf course, not putt putt, and it’s free. It seemed weird until I remember that golf was invented in Scotland, recorded as early as the 15th century. Not only was it invented here, but they take a lot of pride in their golf history and legacy.

I don’t have much more to say about it, golf is not really my game, but how nice to have this free resource in the city, especially to promote the game to kids, and there were a lot of kids there playing golf the day we walked by.

Free golf course
Free golf course
Free golf course
Free golf course
Free golf course


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