In Good Spirits

We took our first trip to Glasgow today. I will have more to say about this gritty port city later, but I just wanted to mention one place in particular. It is called Demijohn. They refer to the shop as a liquid deli. I had been to the original store in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket years ago on a trip, but did not know that they have several other stores, including this one in Glasgow.

Demijohn, Glasgow shop
Demijohn, Glasgow shop

They have definitely tried to convey that old world wine cellar, craft brewing, almost apothecary type of feel. Their web site says the shop was founded after the owner spent some time in Naples, Italy as a student. They have some Italian favorites such as limoncello, but hey, this is Scotland, so they also have gin items, whisky items and mead (an alcoholic drink made from honey that I see around here). There are also non-alcoholic culinary items including vinegars and oils. You can taste test, of course. I tried the sloe gin. I am not a gin person, but it was good, not sweet, and had the just the right level of tartness. My sommelier of sorts said it is good mixed with white wine, I said how about with proseco? and he said of course.

Sloe gin
Chocolate orange cream liqueur
Mead (made from honey)

They have glass containers with cork stoppers in various sizes. You can bring the containers back to a store to have them filled again. This sloe gin was awarded “Best Artisan Sloe Gin” at the World Sloe Gin Championship in both 2014 and 2015, bet you did not know there was such a contest! Here is mine. Cheers!

My sloe gin

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