A Day on the Farm….for Antiques

I went to a farm today, not to view the livestock, but to see the antiques. At the Edinburgh Flea Market last month, one of the vendors was from Drum Farm Antiques. I really liked their items and grabbed their brochure to plan a possible trip.

I then came across Retropolis through one of their ads on Gumtree, a type of Craigslist in the UK. I noticed that Drum Farm and Retropolis were neighbors, so I figured why not visit both places in one trip.

Drum Farm Antiques
Drum Farm Antiques

Drum Farm Antique occupies a huge warehouse space. It has beautiful pieces, including some French items, large bureaus and linen presses, rugs, mirrors, lots of chairs and some smaller decorative items such as ceramics.

Retropolis is next door to Drum Farm Antiques. It used to be located inside Drum Farm, but when a lot became available next door, they moved into their own space. It is made up of numerous shipping containers that have been converted into antiques showrooms that surround an outdoor salvage yard full of garden items and rustic weathered pieces. There is a variety of traditional antiques, rustic, mid century modern and just plain funk. Most containers do not have a consistent theme, but are an eclectic mix of styles and eras. It’s really fun entering each one and wondering, “what could possibly be in this one” and then wandering around the yard, which includes a vintage camper.


These two antiques emporiums which are accessible by car and bus (#33 or #49) from Edinburgh are worth the trip to the country.

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