Out of the Blue

The last Saturday of every month the Edinburgh Flea Market takes place in the Leith neighborhood of Edinburgh from 10am-3pm.

It is held in the Old Blue Drill Hall, a former military facility built for the Royal Scots Regiment in 1901. Over the years it was a military barracks, training center and garage for military vehicles. In 2003 it was purchased by Out of the Blue, a community based arts development organization.

The arts mission of Out of the Blue is evident in the entry way to the Drill Hall, lots of art on display. There is also a nice cafe in the entry area of the Hall.

The market regularly has 50 stalls, selling everything from vintage clothing to bric a brac, jewelry, collectables, ephemera, and small furnishings.

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I am working with a start-up business that has created a web site listing antique and vintage shops around the world called Vintage Sources. It also includes flea markets, auctions and boot sales. Listings include descriptions of the shops, photos and directions to each shop. Locations are provided on a map so potential customers can easily find them. One of our newest members, Drum Farm Antiques, was a vendor at the market. I blogged about a visit to Drum Farm Antiques previously. If anyone knows of any antique or vintages stores who might be interested in advertising on Vintage Sources, please let me know! and please visit the site to see if there are any vintage shops in your area you might want to visit. We are continuing to add new locations and shops. Please like our Facebook page.

Why do we like antiques? because they have a story? I always try to learn vendor’s stories at flea markets, especially when I am intrigued by the items they bring to sell. Today there was a couple with two children selling a lot of great old bottles, clear, blue, green colored bottles along with old pottery creamery jars, other food storage jars and crocks and some antique tiles. They said they were selling items to earn money for a trip to China for their son. Their son was there helping with the sale to work towards his own trip. I asked where they had gotten all of these hundreds of bottles and crocks. They said they have a salvage business in Glasgow and while most of the items they salvage are just pure salvage or recycling materials, they also get some of these items and are often given permission to go into old buildings that are being salvaged and take what they want. The wife says her husband goes digging for old bottles as well. I told her what a dream job!! I would love to be able to rummage through old buildings! I have a few friends who jump at that chance as well, you know who you are.

I am glad that the market gives people an opportunity to give these salvaged items a chance for a new story.

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