A Day on the Farm….for Antiques

I went to a farm today, not to view the livestock, but to see the antiques. At the Edinburgh Flea Market last month, one of the vendors was from Drum Farm Antiques. I really liked their items and grabbed their brochure to plan a possible trip. I then came across Retropolis through one of their… Continue reading A Day on the Farm….for Antiques

What’s Up with All the Pop Ups?

What’s Up with all the Pop Ups? I don’t mean the annoying ads on the internet that “pop up”, I mean shops that sell some where on a temporary basis. In Japan I recall seeing restaurants that would have pop up events in Tokyo for a limited amount of time in a temporary location. Here… Continue reading What’s Up with All the Pop Ups?

Time Travel Underground

I am one of those people who likes slightly creepy historic places, catacombs full of skeletons, subterranean tunnels, old cemeteries, count me in! I found these photos from 2010 when we lived in Italy and visited the Naples Underground. Yes, you got to hold lit candles down there. You can understand then how excited I… Continue reading Time Travel Underground

Welcome Freshers!

This week is welcome week at the University of Edinburgh, the school my husband is going to. We kept seeing things referring to “freshers”, he received e-mails urging him to “get your freshers wristband for welcome week activities” and to sign up for “freshers” events. What’s a “fresher”? According to the urban dictionary, fresher is… Continue reading Welcome Freshers!